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If you don't know what your doing, send the microphone to a professional technician, or contact the manufacturer.

Good technicians are:
Andreas Grosser(Neumann Gefell Mikes);
Klaus Heyne(Classic Mics);
Peter Drehfahl(Classic Mics);

Clarence Kane(Enak Mic(ribbon));
Siegfried Thiersch(Capsules).



note: Since I got the schematics from all over the world, you can also contribute to the database. Mail your schematics you want to share with appreciaters! and I will put them up.




Classic Microphone Specification-sheets
These are direct downloadable



U-48 Specifications

Specifications on Neumann/Gefell M-models
(Preamps and Capsules by Neumann/Gefell.)

Specifications on Neumann-Gefell CMV-models.
(Neumann microphones from 1927 to 1958, CMV-3 to CMV-571.)

Specifications on most Neumann models;
(Neumann Preamps and Capsules from 1927 to 1999.)

The Neumann-Archive, be sure check the documents!




Classic Microphone Schematics



Telefunken Schematics
Georg Neumann GmbH U-Serie Schematics
Georg Neumann & Co. CMV-Serie Schematics
Neumann/Gefell/RFT M-Serie Schematics
Georg Neumann GmbH KM-Serie Schematics
Classic Microphone Preamp Schematics
Classic Powersupply Schematics
AKG Schematics
Sennheiser and Schoeps Schematics
Other Classic Schematics



Telefunken Schematics

The Telefunken U-7(m)

The Telefunken ELA M-250 or M-251 with M-590 powersupply

The Telefunken ELA M-250E or M-251E with M590E(C) powersupply


Georg Neumann GmbH U-Serie Schematics

The Neumann GmbH U-47 or U-47ng

The Neumann GmbH U-48

The Neumann GmbH U-60

The Neumann GmbH U-64(u)

The Neumann GmbH U-67

The Neumann GmbH U-77(-/i)

The Neumann GmbH U-87(-/i/ip/Ai)

The Neumann GmbH U-89

The Neumann GmbH U-397

The Neumann GmbH U-497


Georg Neumann & Co. CMV-Serie Schematics


The Neumann & Co. 'Bottle Mike' with RE-084 tube

The Neumann & Co. CMV-4(inc pws)

The Neumann & Co. CMV-5 with VF-14 or RE-084 tube(inc pws)

The Neumann & Co. CMV-5 with EF-12(k) tube(inc pws)

The Neumann & Co. CMV-551

The Neumann & Co. CMV-562

The Neumann & Co. CMV-563


Neumann/Gefell/RFT M-Serie Schematics


The Neumann GmbH M-49 or M-49c

The Neumann GmbH M-50 or M-50b

The Neumann GmbH QM-69

The Neumann GmbH M-249b

The Neumann GmbH M-250b

The Neumann GmbH M-267

The Neumann GmbH M-269c

The Neumann GmbH M-367

The Neumann & Co. SM-690

The Neumann & Co. UM-57

The RFT Gefell PM-750

The RFT Gefell PM-860

The RFT Gefell UM-705

The Microtech Gefell UM-92.1S
(Low quality scan, but thanks to A.Gilgenberg updated (ofcourse no guarantee;-)


Georg Neumann GmbH KM-Serie Schematics


The Neumann GmbH KM-253c

The Neumann GmbH KM-254c

The Neumann GmbH KM-256 or KM-256c

The Neumann GmbH KM-53c

The Neumann GmbH KM-54a or KM-54c

The Neumann GmbH KM-56 or KM-56c

The Neumann GmbH KM-83, KM-84 and KM-85

The Neumann GmbH KM-86

The Neumann GmbH KM-88i

The Neumann GmbH Handheld microphone


Classic Microphone Preamp Schematics


The M-15 Microphone Pre-Amp

The Neumann & Co M-582 Microphone Pre-Amp

The RFT Gefell MV-690 Microphone Pre-Amp

The RFT Gefell MV-691 Microphone Pre-Amp

The RFT Gefell MV-692 Microphone Pre-Amp

The RFT Gefell MV-710 Microphone Pre-Amp

The Telefunken/TAB/Siemens V-72 Microphone Pre-Amp

The Telefunken/TAB/Siemens V-76 Microphone Pre-Amp

The V-241 Pre-Amp


Classic Powersupply Schematics


Powersupply Neumann & Co. N-4 for CMV-4

Powersupply Neumann & Co. for CMV-5

Powersupply Neumann & Co. N-61, with Stabilisationtube STR125/60

Powersupply Neumann & Co. GN-N5B for CMV-5B

Powersupply Neumann GmbH N-52a, with Stabilisationtube 150B2

Powersupply Neumann GmbH N-52t, with powertransistors AD130

Powersupply Neumann GmbH NU-67u

Powersupply Neumann GmbH N-69

Powersupply Neumann-Gefell NGU

Powersupply RFT Gefell N-691

Powersupply RFT Gefell N-692



AKG Schematics


The AKG C-12

The AKG C-12a

The AKG Powersupply N-12, N-12a or N-12k(for C-12(a))

The AKG C-24

The AKG Powersupply N-24a, N-24b or N-24s(for C-24)

The AKG C-60 with L-60 or N-60a powersupply

The AKG C-61 with N-61a powersupply

The AKG C-412

The AKG C-414

The AKG C-414B-TL or ULS, C-414E of C-414EB

The AKG C-422

The AKG C-535EB

The AKG C-451E, C-451EB and C-452EB

The AKG C-460B

The AKG C-568E

The AKG SolidTube


Sennheiser and Schoeps Schematics


The Sennheiser MKH-105

The Sennheiser MKE-401

The Sennheiser MKH-405

The Sennheiser MKH-435

The Schoeps M-221b

Other Classic Schematics

TDSL-Duncan Amp-tools;
A vault with a lot of Amplifier schematics (also Marshall).